That is the motto of the new sandwich concept “WICHERS”.
At WICHERS you can choose your favourite sandwich from 15 tasty varieties, or ask us to put your own sandwich together using your preferred ingredients.


WICHERS uses fresh and, above all, local products from the region. Our selected meats are produced by a small family butchers, the dough for the sandwiches comes from a traditional local bakery, our vegetables are bought at Vienna’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market (and freshly chopped every day in our shop), the sauces are made by a small sauce producer and our soft drinks and homemade style lemonades come from Styria. Vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerances will find themselves equally at home at WICHERS. For example, WICHERS offers five sorts of bread (including 4 vegan breads and 1 spelt bread) and a range of varieties of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches.


WICHERS is looking forward to your visit!