From Beloved
to Delight.

Looking for a present? The WIEN MITTE The Mall gift card is just perfect!

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The benefits of the WIEN MITTE The Mall gift card.

Can be used in all shops and restaurants that accept Maestro cards.

Order online or directly at the WIEN MITTE The Mall information desk.

Choose an amount from 10 to 150 euros.

Comes in a convenient credit card format, beautifully wrapped.

Where can I Get The Wien mitte the mall Gift Card?

Purchase the WIEN MITTE The Mall gift card online or during our general opening hours directly at our information desk on the ground floor.

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Frequently asked questions.

QR code
Scan the QR code on your card with your mobile phone. The current balance and the duration of validity will be shown immediately. Please disclose your balance before paying at the cash desk! The PIN for your card is 1111.

Send a text message with your card number to +43 664 6604404. You will be informed of your balance after each purchase. To request your current balance send “?” to +43 664 6604404.

To check your current balance online you need to login with your card number (on the frontside of your card) and your personal code („Kundenkontrollnr.“ at the backside of your card).

The date of expiration is the last day of the concerning month. But you can extend the validity of your gift card to an additional year after the expiry date. Visit our information desk, show your card and you will receive a new one with updated validity.

Come to our information desk! You will receive a new card that is valid for another year. So you can still spend your credits.

You can leave your blank gift card at the WIEN MITTE The Mall information desk – we will gladly take care of the proper disposal.

DOWNLOAD TERMS (Nutzungsbedingungen from January 1, 2020)

Please find terms (AGB) for cards issued until December 31, 2019 here.

Powered by PayLife. WIEN MITTE The Mall sells the gift card by order and for account of BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft und Österreichische Postsparkasse Aktiengesellschaft. PayLife is a BAWAG P.S.K. brand. The Maestro gift card can only be used at WIEN MITTE The Mall.

Gift Card

From delight
to beloved.

The perfect gift for any occasion!


About wien Mitte The mall.

WIEN MITTE The Mall is not only the most modern shopping center in the heart of Vienna, but also the largest, with 60 shops and restaurants and a total area of 30,000 m². The shops provide a completely new shopping experience and the moderately priced, premium food service is second to none.

WIEN MITTE The Mall is located centrally, next to the Wien Mitte – Landstraße transport hub, the Stadtpark, and the Ringstraße and just a few minutes’ walk from Stephansplatz and the historic center of Vienna. The Mall is easily reached by public transport, with ten lines – including the CAT (City Airport Train) and two underground lines – converging at Wien Mitte. For those arriving by car, the 470-space-garage provides ample parking opportunities.