House Rules


Dear visitors,

In order to ensure that you and all other visitors can enjoy a visit to WIEN MITTE The Mall that is as pleasant and problem-free as possible, we kindly advise you to note the following points.

Notwithstanding any special rules governing the use of the parking areas (including rules for using the garage) these usage rules also apply to the parking garages of WIEN MITTE The Mall.

  1. The regulation of wearing a mask was adjusted on April 16, 2022. Nevertheless, a FFP2 mask must be worn in the general area of the shopping center and in the following stores: supermarkets, tobacconists, pharmacies, banks and post offices. For more information about the coronavirus and further current regulations visit the website of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.
  2. The formation of groups is forbidden under any circumstances and you should reduce the length of your visit to the minimum necessary.
  3. For reasons of safety, the use of inline skates, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles and similar means of transport is not permitted.
  4. For your own safety, the use of escalators with shopping trolleys, wheelchairs and baby buggies is prohibited. Children are only allowed to use elevators and escalators in the presence of an accompanying adult.
  5. For reasons of safety, it is strictly forbidden to lean on the glass balustrades on the first and second floors.
  6. Loitering, begging, peddling and the sale of goods or services of any sort in the general areas are forbidden.
  7. Lingering (temporarily) on the seats that are provided for the use of the public is permitted. Sitting on any other surfaces such as steps, tables or storage surfaces is forbidden.
  8. Dogs must wear a muzzle and are to be kept on a lead. Any soiling is to be removed immediately by the dog owner.
  9. The building and its fixtures and fittings are to be treated with care. All soiling and damage is to be refrained from. Waste is to be disposed of in the containers provided. All violations of this will lead to prosecution. Sanitary facilities are to be kept clean.
  10. All instructions from the security staff or from any members of the emergency services (police, ambulance service, fire brigade) present in the building are to be followed in the interest of general safety. This also applies to large gatherings of people and emergency situations.
  11. Doors on escape routes are not intended for general use; it is only permitted to use these in cases of emergency.
  12. Placing posters, distributing advertising material, conducting customer questioning, filming or photographing, making films or radio broadcasts, performing or carrying out artistic actions, performances or the like as well as any kind of event, advertising-like actions or presentations including the playing of music in the center and the entire area are only permitted with the written authorization of the Center Management. This authorization is to be presented to our security and building staff upon request.
  13.  The center and its facilities are entered at one’s own risk. Parents are responsible for their children.
  14.  Inconsiderate, offensive or other broadly improper behavior is to be refrained from.
  15. It is forbidden to bring weapons or other dangerous objects into the center.
  16. The consumption of alcoholic drinks is forbidden throughout the entire property (except in those restaurants that sell alcohol).
  17. There is a complete smoking ban throughout the entire property; this also applies to e-cigarettes.
  18. The center’s events and other public activities will generally be recorded on video, also photos will be taken. Any such recordings and photos could become publicly accessible (e.g. published on the internet), for marketing purposes for example. By participating in such events, visitors agree to the recording of these on video as well as to photos being taken and to their later publication.

We kindly ask you to respect these rules governing the use of WIEN MITTE The Mall in your own interests and in the interests of all other visitors. In the event of any violation of these rules, endangerment of the safety of persons or equipment or any other disruptive behavior, our security staff are authorized to ban the offending party or parties from the entire property. In addition to this we also retain the right to initiate statutory or legal proceedings (e.g. an action of trespass). The owner expressly retains the right to adapt these rules over the course of time in the light of changing circumstances.

The Center Management of WIEN MITTE The Mall would be delighted to address any questions regarding these rules during office hours, by telephone (01/890 72 51) or by e-mail (

We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant visit to WIEN MITTE The Mall!

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About wien Mitte The mall.

WIEN MITTE The Mall is not only the most modern shopping center in the heart of Vienna, but also the largest, with 60 shops and restaurants and a total area of 30,000 m². The shops provide a completely new shopping experience and the moderately priced, premium food service is second to none.

WIEN MITTE The Mall is located centrally, next to the Wien Mitte – Landstraße transport hub, the Stadtpark, and the Ringstraße and just a few minutes’ walk from Stephansplatz and the historic center of Vienna. The Mall is easily reached by public transport, with ten lines – including the CAT (City Airport Train) and two underground lines – converging at Wien Mitte. For those arriving by car, the 470-space-garage provides ample parking opportunities.